Month Two with Oli Lou


As Olivia is down for what we lovingly call her “big nap” (usually 3 hours or so these days and smack in the middle of the day) I decided to update on how we are doing in Baby-Land.

The amount that babies grow is staggering. At her 2 month checkup she had gained around 3 pounds over her birth weight. It’s exhausting to think about gaining that much percentage of body mass in a one month period…I would nap too! Olivia has also gained a number of new skills like cooing, smiling, holding her own head up, tracking with her eyes, and responding to your voice. She will actually have little gurgly conversations with you complete with tons of smiles and spit. It is completely and utterly insane. I understand people who blow up their facebook and instagram with baby pictures now, because when you are on the inside it is the most magical thing ever.


These days having a life means wearing cotton, doing LOTS of laundry, always having a pacifier shoved down my cleavage just in case. I am loving it.

This month in baby-land

Time has been moving along a trajectory that I’m sure Steven Hawking would have something to say about; it is both ungodly slow and shockingly fast. It seems like a few days ago I was still pregnant, snarfing fried chicken and decorating a nursery and now I have a smiling, burping, wiggling little ten pound adult on my hands. I swear, when I look at her it’s like she’s saying “this stuff is boring, I can’t wait till I can control my own arms without slapping myself in the face so I can flip through that book myself”

She is officially 7 weeks old now, but I am just getting around to posting her one month photo. Shocking, right?







Made it to 41 weeks before Baby C made her arrival. The whole experience was totally amazing and everything I could have asked for.

Olivia Louise Cunningham | 01.04.14 | 7lbs 15.5oz | 20″


37 & 38 twofer feat. baby Norah and Chris!


With things really ramping up in baby-land I am shocked that I remembered to even take these….or do anything for that matter. Still feeling pretty great as one can when they can’t pick things up off the floor or get out of the bathtub. Still pretty high energy as well, and with everything being all Christmassy it feels even more exciting. I hope Baby C. makes their appearance this year though, I don’t think I can wait much longer!



And like I promised there is Chris in all his tired-of-taking-these-photos glory (as you can see from his laissez faire photography skills) in week 38 and below is a much more willing subject: