Month Two with Oli Lou


As Olivia is down for what we lovingly call her “big nap” (usually 3 hours or so these days and smack in the middle of the day) I decided to update on how we are doing in Baby-Land.

The amount that babies grow is staggering. At her 2 month checkup she had gained around 3 pounds over her birth weight. It’s exhausting to think about gaining that much percentage of body mass in a one month period…I would nap too! Olivia has also gained a number of new skills like cooing, smiling, holding her own head up, tracking with her eyes, and responding to your voice. She will actually have little gurgly conversations with you complete with tons of smiles and spit. It is completely and utterly insane. I understand people who blow up their facebook and instagram with baby pictures now, because when you are on the inside it is the most magical thing ever.


These days having a life means wearing cotton, doing LOTS of laundry, always having a pacifier shoved down my cleavage just in case. I am loving it.


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