The Love Dare

Like a lot of people Chris and I are doing the Love Dare

It’s kind of cheesy, but it’s a fun exercise that makes you think about your spouse, which is good since we, like most couples, spend the majority of our day apart. It’s also nice to have a theme or goal for the day outside of “make sure you don’t have spit up on your face the majority of the day” or “put on pants.”

Back to Chris and I spending the majority of the day apart I found that the easiest way for us to “check in” that the other person was doing their dare was to write it down. This stops me from annoyingly asking “did you do your book?” to Chris every day. I have found that we both have lapsed, missed days and eventually not wound up doing the same dare at the same time. Honestly I think that so far it’s working for us, especially since the main goal of this whole exercise is to spend more time thinking about your significant other and giving them a bit of grace, not harping on them and making sure they are following your schedule. THAT SAID making sure you are both on the same page as far as actually DOING this exercise is probably a good idea and will avoid hurt feelings and brewing resentment…so do check in.




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