36 weeks…where did the time go?!

36 weeks...where did the time go?!

I have no idea how preggos get the time to keep up with working, eating, sleeping, eating and keeping up with watching all the episodes of Sons of Anarchy and still manage to post to pregnancy blogs regularly. I average about a week behind taking the picture and editing and posting. As we speak I am 38 weeks (as of today) with no 37 week picture to speak of… I did however manage to cook/bake through every ingredient in my kitchen.
I don’t know if it’s some sort of elaborate nesting mechanism, but today alone I made brownies, coconut butter, muddy buddies, a turkey roast, finished up and froze 16-bean soup in the crock pot AND made caramel matzoh crunch. I am pretty sure that is nesting.
SO if i never post up to my 40wk picture, fear not. I am full term now and I probably went into labor baking bread for the stockpile I have going in my freezer.

oh, or knitting…

bonus christmas tree shot c/o Josh


2 thoughts on “36 weeks…where did the time go?!

    • Meagan you are adorable!!!! I have enjoyed your posts!!! Have a wonderful delivery! That little baby will be so loved!!! And here very soon!!! You are definitely nesting!!! Love hearing all that you got done!! ( made me tired just reading it!) ((((( lots of hugs )))) Nancy

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