35 weeks

35 weeks

Also known as the “so this is what we are going to be like from now on” week.
I have spent a lot of time up until now thinking about onsies and little socks and cute things, not oblivious to the less cute aspects of babies. Husband and I have spent and INORDINATE amount of time this week though thinking about diapers…like more than he probably ever thought he would. I have gathered what I think should be a substantial amount of cloth diapers in various styles and shapes keeping in mind that we have no idea what shape this kid will be. Craigslist has been AWESOME for this and I can quite happily say that all said and done our entire diaper setup will cost us less than $300 out of pocket (as of now) from birth till potty training. I even got a case of disposable diapers and wipes with one of those loss leader mom coupon things. WOO!
I also made Chris do a trial run set up of our bassinet, carseat, stroller and swing. He is a planner so while he rationally understood doing these things now as opposed to while one of us is holding a newborn baby and probably sleep deprived, it was not without frustration. Most of the drills he is used to running are for more serious things, and yet I have never seen him more perplexed than when he was trying to unhook the carseat. I will make him actually put the carseat IN the car next, but I figured it would be better for everyone if we wait.


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