32 weeks and bonus 31 week selfie

32 weeks and bonus 31 week selfie

Time has been going by much too quickly. I feel like the people who last week were telling me I didn’t look -that- pregnant are now asking me if I am having twins (fun fact: NEVER ASK A PREGNANT LADY THAT!)
I have gotten lots of week knitting done and been blessed with a ton of amazing gifts, advice and well wishes from family. It still seems pretty surreal that in a few weeks I will probably forget what the internet is because I will be so transfixed by the smashed up little face of a tiny human that is currently punching my ribs.

…and for those of you keeping score at home. I forgot to have Chris snap a picture of me in my Halloween costume (31 weeks!) so here is a 6am selfie

….AND some pictures of my Purl Bee Chevron Blanket


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