30 week

30 week

I have been so blessed with health this entire pregnancy….I almost feel spoiled. Then 30 weeks happened and I turned into a waddling mess.
Don’t get me wrong. I am still so thankful for my lack of morning sickness and other common first and second trimester complaints, but I am really having to slow down and let myself be a pregnant lady now. Letting myself accept help (such as letting my employees pick up everything I drop on the floor….which is A LOT OF THINGS.) feels extremely strange. I also am becoming increasingly aware of how few slip on shoes I own….hmmmmm.

ps. I got the wonderful shirt in this picture from round bellies on etsy and I can’t stop wearing it. IT IS THE BEST

Seriously, I wish I was just getting paid to say that…because I would just turn around and spend the money on more of their shirts and leggings.


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