26 wk and nursery update


Feeling awful baby-ful these days. Chris and I started baby classes with a group associated with our midwives, which was surprisingly awesome, not awkward AND there were snacks!

The only downside is that they start at 7pm and go till almost 10. I fell asleep the night before the class at 6:30 so I was worried I wouldn’t make it though the entire this, but the instructor was engaging and interesting and even Chris felt comfortable. BONUS: baby classes are right next to Trader Joe’s, which is a store MADE for pregnant ladies because you always leave with the most strange assortment of things that would never belong together in a normal person’s meal. (figs, cheese, dried kimchi and ginger ale! yum!)

Waiting for some nice light to take pictures of the nursery. We have most of the furniture in it. I am trying to keep it as uncluttered as possible, since life is going to get messy enough with our new addition and all of his/her accessories. I also bought a not super gender-neutral crib bumper today…I couldn’t help it, but time will tell if it goes into storage or directly into use.


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